Download and Installation

• Download the source files: EFTCAMB_Sept17, EFTCosmoMC_Sept17;

• EFTCAMB_Sept17 is based on CAMB (Jan17) and EFTCosmoMC_Sept17 on CosmoMC (Nov16) as available from their GIT repositories ;

• Follow the instructions on the respective README files to compile both codes.

If you are interested in the latest features (as well as the latest bugs) or you want to participate to the development of EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC you can have a look at the developer's version hosted on github. We welcome all who want to participate!

If you want to modify your own CAMB code, please follow our guide to EFTCAMB and guide to EFTCosmoMC. Given the articulated structure of our source codes, we strongly encourage to download the official package.

Requirements: compiling EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC requires a modern fortran compiler capable of handeling advanced F2008 features. These include the free gfortran compiler ( version 6 higher ) or the optimized Intel compiler ifort ( version 16.0 or higher ).
To use other parts of the code, like the test suite or the automatic documentation generation other requirements have to be met. These include a fully fledged python installation and we warmly suggest to install a bundled package like anaconda.

What is new?

• Complete code restructuring to allow easy implementation of a large number of models. Scalability in model space should now be constant up to O(1000) models;
• Model interface is now abstract so that no further major change to EFTCosmoMC should be needed;
• Optimization and speed up of several different models. In particular RPH models are now as fast as native Pure EFT models;
• EFTCAMB has now an automatically built code documentation available at this link;
• Implemented automatic code testing and benchmarking;
• Added code examples;

Version history

• EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC/EFTCAMB_sources v2.0: EFTCAMB_Oct15 , EFTCosmoMC_Oct15 (based on CAMB (Feb 15)/CosmoMC (Jul15)), EFTCAMB_sources_Oct14 (based on CAMB_sources_Nov13);
  • Added Pure EFT Horndeski model;
  • Added ReParametrized Horndeski approach (RPH);
  • Change in the parametrization of the EFT functions;
  • Added a full EFT mapping model: low-energy Horava Gravity;
  • Implemented stability conditions which now account for the presence of matter components;
  • Added mathematical stability requirements on the equation for the π -field;
  • EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC is compatible with the Planck 2015 likelihood.

  • • EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC/EFTCAMB_sources v1.1: EFTCAMB_Oct14 , EFTCosmoMC_Oct14 (based on CAMB/CosmoMC_Dec13), EFTCAMB_sources_Oct14 (based on CAMB_sources_Nov13);
    • Added support for massive neutrinos;
    • Added effects on tensor perturbations;
    • Added designer minimally coupled quintessence models;
    • Added several Dark Energy equation of state parametrizations;
    • Linear tensor perturbations bug fixed involving ONLY second order operators;
    • EFTCAMB sources release based on EFTCAMB_Oct14 Version.

    • EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC v1.0: EFTCAMB_May14 , EFTCosmoMC_May14 (based on CAMB/CosmoMC_Dec13);