By B. Hu, M. Raveri, N. Frusciante and A. Silvestri

EFTCAMB is a patch of the public Einstein-Boltzmann solver CAMB, which implements the Effective Field Theory approach to cosmic acceleration. The code can be used to investigate the effect of different EFT operators on linear perturbations as well as to study perturbations in any specific DE/MG model that can be cast into EFT framework. To interface EFTCAMB with cosmological data sets, we equipped it with a modified version of CosmoMC, namely EFTCosmoMC, creating a bridge between the EFT parametrization of the dynamics of perturbations and observations.


• EFTCAMB evolves the full set of perturbative scalar equations without relying on any quasi-static approximation;

• EFTCAMB evolves the tensor perturbative equations;

• Complete set of perturbative equations which includes all the second order EFT operators, consistently implemented to account for the inclusion of more than one second order operator per time;

• Background expansion histories: several Dark Energy equation of state parametrizations, including phantom-divide crossings ones (see flowchart below);

• Pure EFT procedure: It allows to study the underlying DE/MG theory through a parametrization of the EFT functions,

• Mapping EFT procedure: It allows implementation of specific single field DE/MG models (see flowchart below),

  EFT Alternative Parametrizations: It allows implementation of alternative model independent parametrizations in terms of EFT functions (see flowchart below),

• Stability check of perturbations in the dark sector to ensure that the underlying gravitational theory is acceptable,

• EFTCAMB is compatible with massive neutrinos;

• EFTCAMB sources: LSS number counts, LSS weak lensing and all CMB cross-correlation functions in DE/MG models;

• EFTCosmoMC: exploration of the parameter space performing comparison with several cosmological data sets,
  EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC is compatible with the Planck 2015 likelihood PLC 2.0,

  NEW full scalability in model space constant up to O(1000) models,

  NEW automatically built code documentation,

Numerical Notes

We also provide a user-friendly numerical notes that contain all the details and formulas of the implementation

• EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC: Numerical Notes v3.0
Bin Hu, Marco Raveri, Noemi Frusciante, Alessandra Silvestri, arXiv:1405.3590 [astro-ph.CO]


If you use the EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC package, please refer the original CAMB/ CosmoMC papers and ours:

• Effective Field Theory of Cosmic Acceleration: an implementation in CAMB
Bin Hu, Marco Raveri, Noemi Frusciante, Alessandra Silvestri, arXiv:1312.5742 [astro-ph.CO] Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 103530

• Effective Field Theory of Cosmic Acceleration: constraining dark energy with CMB data
Marco Raveri, Bin Hu, Noemi Frusciante, Alessandra Silvestri, arXiv:1405.1022 [astro-ph.CO] Phys.Rev. D90 (2014) 043513

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