EFTCAMB  Reference documentation for version 3.0

This folder contains the EFTCAMB code.

1. EFTCAMB Requirements:

Compiling EFTCAMB requires a modern fortran compiler capable of handeling F2008 features. These includes:

ifort v>15.0 (?)
gcc/gfortran v>6.0

To use other parts of the code, like the test or documentation parts other requirements have to be met. These include a fully fledged python installation. We warmly suggest to install a bundled package like (https://www.continuum.io/downloads).

A docker with all the required libraries is available at dockerhub.

2. Installation procedure:

3. Examples:

4. Documentation:

We provide a set of notes that contain all the details and formulas of the EFTCAMB implementation:

The EFTCAMB source files documentation is automatically built at any modification of the code and can be found at this link.

5. Citing this work:

If you use the EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC package, please refer the original CAMB/ CosmoMC paper and ours:

This is the usual, fair way of giving credit to contributors to a scientific result. In addition, it helps us justify our effort in developing the EFTCAMB code as an academic undertaking.

6. Licence Information:

EFTCAMB is a modification of the CAMB code. The code part of CAMB that is not modified is copyrighted by the CAMB authors and released under their licence.

For the part of code that constitutes EFTCAMB see the LICENSE file in eftcamb/LICENSE.

7. Build system target:

8. EFTCAMB source files:

In the folder eftcamb all the source files for EFTCAMB are stored. In an effort to have small and readable files the the naming convention allows to have an intuition of the hierarchy of the code from alphabetical order of files.

For this reason we use the following convention for the prefixes: